Peter Gural singingPeter Gural is a singer songwriter and guitarist who makes soft indie rock drawing influences from classic rock to early 2000’s coffee house. He is a 2022 graduate of the Berklee College of Music with a bachelor’s degree in songwriting. Peter sees himself as an “outsider on the inside” writing songs for music lovers and for those who are searching for the “way back home”. Peter uses this expression as a euphemism for rediscovering past joy.

Peter grew up as a happy-go-lucky, nature loving boy from a suburb of Philadelphia. With no interests in sports and with learning differences he struggled to find a peer group.  As a pre-teen Peter turned to drugs to fit in — later came substance dependence which led to what can best be described as a mental health catastrophe.  Bluntly put, Peter lost himself during his sophomore year at Berklee.

The journey back was long and tough with prolonged hospital stays followed by a year of rehabilitation. Though Peter had the love and support of his parents and siblings, he soon learned there was no quick fix. Recovery became possible only when Peter accepted that he was the one who needed to change and that only he could reclaim his life.

After nearly two years Peter reentered Berklee, a bit shaky but with a new outlook, maturity, and total resolve to make things right. Peter accelerated an already challenging curriculum to graduate after two years with honors.

Recapturing childhood innocence is impossible, but recalling its essence is not. Peter came into this world openminded, curious and not focused on fitting in. He hopes you can hear the essence of these qualities in his songwriting.

Peter no longer defines his life by its pitfalls, mental health or otherwise but you’ll hear elements of those struggles in his songs. Peter uses songwriting to make peace with his sense of inadequacy and to accept past mistakes and regrets so that he can continue to heal.

Peter knows MANY other people have similar struggles and too often they feel alone and without community.  Peter’s hope is that YOU listen to his music and find a sense of hope and belonging. In a greater sense Peter’s wish is for his music to play a small part in helping you find your way back home. A place where you have the security, self-worth, and freedom to be you and find joy again.